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Once you have passed up the opportunity to choose a "Business" vs. "Home" network in Windows 7 SP1, is there any way to get back to that choice, well we in the business always have choices where to start, and what to do.

But always we search for someone who already know little bit more than we, and we want to listen a story, to create our new reality.


So this is my story that will create your new reality, this is a business model that have urgency mode, and we call it risk -1. 


Many of you out there search for job, or for creation of some business, but you do not realize that too many people are commited looking for work instead of formed a real income. 


We take advantage of all that we learn from experience.



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For You like person who want to gain more and make more, but we know that almost 75% of business going down in 2, but let we say in 7 to 10 years even early we strongly reccommend to work with one structure that we was found can be interesting and You can take advantage of your expense and transform it into income. The truth is that there is no varrianty for making profit if there is no new business persone who will use system, but also it is reasonable price for making effort in this kind of your basic investition. 


The final point is your spiritual vision of your self and from your self you can regenerate and your business way, so we study and this field because the giant like google, facebook and many more top business solution use this kind of spiritual metodology to improve their life and businesses.


Except accounting, from 1999 we gain experience in making programs for small entepreneurs and accounting agency for faster work, then we start build web sites and using hosting from 2000, in mean time our CEO was study from 2000 till 2004 Industrial Management, then he was take course in web design and entepreneurs course in 2007, 2011 start IT Academy for Microsoft System Administrator, then another school 2013 IT Management. 2015 Harvey Mackey University and study Street Master Business Academy, and from 2016 we take advantage and take Insane Productivity academy from the best source that we was found. 

Also we take courses from best Accountant and self made millionaire

David Bach and we study his plan for retire early and finish rich. 

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