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Why you need to contact me?


Only if you are ready for profiteering, be ready to do everything what is neccesary to get in position soon as you can. 

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Consulting codes – Manual override

Today 2.000€ § Tomorrow 1.000.000€

Call me now if You have 2.000€

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Consulting codes are manual override over your spending.

You will not be rich on how you save money, you will be rich on how you spend money.

(source: David Bach – Automatic Millionaire)


Consulting codes are simple formula for success in any business, any niche and any service.

And the role is simple, you buy how much you want to gain, and you donate how much did you buy.

So if you buy 1.000.000 Consulting codes, You will need to donate 1.000.000 consulting codes.


HODL strategy is buy low, sell high. On Tradin 99% of people lose money. 


Get trusted source, fast for transfer, downloadable on any device, transferable to any currency.

Fast transfer to BTC/ETH/LTC and fast withdrawal on bitcoin machine. 

Bitcoin you will use only like a middle man, because now it is too late for buyin low. 

If you buy really low, and hold your gain, then respectful donate your part in extra ordinary manière.


The role for gain is simple, make donation for bringing brand awareness and buy slow till your wish come true.

So today You was call me and I was give you consulting and you was get your 2.000.000 consulting codes.

If you spend now 10.000 but usualy you can save money if you planing to spend from 30.00 to 150.000 and more on buying a car, you must to spend in next 10 years another 30.000 to 70.000 for repairing and maintain it. Plus you will need to buy some gasoline.

But if you spend now 10.000 on consulting codes for 10 years You risk fulfilling your dream.

And I was sure, that you will any way manage it to buy another car that will fit in this 30.000 of your expenses.

IWas.Accountant and I am founder and CEO of Consulting codes, the whole my life I was doing extraordinary job for ordinary people, taking care that they account have more money than is expected. But nothing last forever. I just quit my job and shift into new level.

I bring awareness into business, working like Risk Actor, and give you chance to become Opportunity Associate.

This is very personal, and you will need to hire me for consultation, because that is only way to find out this information.

Now is a great time for a big leverage, we buy low, and sell high, and today ratio is like this:

2000€ for consultation and you get 1.000.000 consulting codes:

That is ratio 500:1, 10 years expecting waiting time, but can be shorter or longer.

So better you have a respect and take this risk before is gone.

It not depends only on me, but from the whole community who are dedicated to this program, and it is worldwide.  

I made terrible mistake before 3 years, because I was not buying on leverage 1:1 that mean that I was have information, intuition and I was have money, but I was have no fate and no guts to do it, what I would give to go back and to give me only one word of support.

For 500€ I was wanting to buy 500 crypto coins, but I didn’t, and for one year this crypto coin was go from 1€ to almost 1000€ per unit. Booom. That mean, because I was have no guts, I was have nobody who will consult me, but only distract me, I was made this huge mistake. And I was lost
 ½ million for non-taking this chance.

Then I was working hard Year ahead, then I was buying almost every online business consulting and educating program, trying all online opportunities, and those who I was known it is not good, and some that I was not known, but they was sound good, and spend more than a 45.000€ only on education.

Today you will risk 500€ for an opportunity that for 10 years from now, you can withdraw every day 500€ in next 5 years, and you can live life style you want!

It is time for smart people to take their way, and if you ask what will be with other people, well, like you see from my story, they will need to work hard, learn much, and it will be question how they will live, but You, You will probably live better with knowledge that you have something, something that can change your life on better, and You will be in position to sell nothing, you will be in position to ask nothing, you will be in position to have hope, I mean real HOPE.

It is time for Silence.Business.


Get you business consultation with me, in VIenna, meet me in Sauna, let we go on Lunch, DInner, Breakfast, Lets train together, If you get me on the phone and I am free You get free consultation as long as I have free time! 

call me now! +4368181253485 Whatsup, this is for your good, you do not need to pay nothing, except for your freedom when you gain information.